The Smart Autodialer

* This page is contains information about our older model that is no longer produced, it was replaced by the version JACK Plus.

What is JACK and why it is so successful?

JACK was the first publicly available commercial autodialer by MPM Lock Decoders. Is is advanced autodialer designed to open most mechanical combination safe locks as fast as possible.

It can work as a standard autodialer that open safes by trying all the possible combinations  but it can also open many safes very quickly by trying common factory presets and other common combinations first. Often, people forget the combination but remember some piece of it, JACK can take advantage of that too. It can even take into consideration several mechanical errors that can make a known combination stop working when dialed by hand. A significant percentage of the safes can be opened in 20 minutes.If trying all the common combinations including factory codes, round numbers and dates doesn’t open the safe quickly, all the combinations need to be tried in which case the average opening time for a 3-wheel lock is 6-10 hours on average depending on speed and other settings.

The autodialer is made of both metal and plastic parts. We use high-quality 3D printed parts that are extremely durable and lightweight.  Combined with very strong switchable magnets, JACK be used on some safes that are not magnetic enough for other autodialers.

The unit is completely self-contained, you won’t be dependent on any external devices that could stop working or pose a security threat. 

JACK communicates in English and it is very simple to use. It supports 6 speed settings and various modes to find the correct combination as  quickly as possible using optimized dialing algorithms. It can save any locksmith and safe technician a lot of time and money in the long run. 

To see the current models of JACK continue to JACK Plus or JACK Professional. For information about special models for law enforcement, please contact us.