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Autodialer JACK Professional

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Autodialers JACK are advanced autodialers that can open most mechanical combination safe locks, including most manipulation-resistant models. JACK Professional has all the features of the lower models JACK and JACK Plus and brings many improvements and exciting new features including:

Smart Mode

The new autonomous Smart Mode automatically starts multiple dialing functions in sequence for ease of use and to minimize duplicate dialing. Simply start the Smart Mode and let JACK do the rest: it will start with the most common combinations first and it will open many safes very quickly.

Faster opening of Group 2M and Group 1/1R locks

Manipulation-protected locks can be opened faster with an optional deceleration in the drop area. Using the slower motion in this area ensures that the combination is not skipped which can happen when dialing these locks at higher speeds.

Optional SMS notifications

An optional GSM module can be added to send you an SMS when the dialing is finished. 

MicroSD card support for custom lists of combinations

JACK Professional can read your custom lists of combinations from an microSD card. 

Lock diagnostic mode

This model includes an extended automated diagnostic mode for locks where the correct combination has stopped working or for situations where someone has made a mistake when setting a new combination. Such locks can often be opened very quickly, saving a lot of time.

All the features of the basic model including the optional addons!

JACK Professional, of course, includes all the features of the basic version including strong switchable magnets, centering rings for quick installation, a strong base made of lightweight materials, 6 speed settings, adjustable dialing step, optional password protection, possibility to re-lock the safe after the combination has been found and much more.


The set contains:

  • control unit with a new OLED display and an improved high-quality motor+driver combination
  • improved base with switchable magnets for an easy installation
  • base extension for safes with elevated dials
  • basic gripper – works for the majority of common dials
  • second gripper for extra large dials and dials below the surface of the safe 
  • centering rings for easy installation 
  • screwdriver
  • hex wrench
  • user manual 
  • power supply
  • suitcase
  • Smart mode that allows running several dialling modes in succession without user input to open most safes as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Diagnostics mode for situation where a known combination stopped working due to mechanical errors, or if someone made a mistake during chasing the combination
  • All combinations (with a variable dialing step)
  • Ranges of combinations specified for each dial separately (with a variable dialing step)
  • Frequently used combinations containing multiples of 5 and 10
  • Common factory default combinations
  • Testing all single number combination

JACK Professional supports all standard mechanical combination locks including

LaGard (3330, 3332, 1985, 1947, 3370, 3390, 1548, 1800)
Sargent and Greenleaf (6730, 6731, 6741, 6770, 6630, 6631, 6651 and many more)
Big Red (CDL-3, CDL-4, CDL-3M, CDL-4M)
Chubb (Chubb 7L08, Chubb 7K64 and others)
Kromer/Lebtig (3018, 3019, 3031, 3096, 3097, 3098 and others)
Diebold (177-23 and others)
Federal 800
International 2000
Bode-Panzer 106
Mlocks ML6740 and ML6785
Wittcopp 7800

Group 2M and some Group 1 locks can be opened quicker than with the basic model using deceleration in the contact zone.

This version does not support certain locks used on government containters like SG 8400/8500 series or Chubb Manifoil Mk VIII. Some of these locks are supported in a model limited to law enforcement and government agencies.


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